Monday, June 10, 2013

Time to Repent- You Will be set Free!

You Hear the whisper through the rain....God who gives can Take Away! The valley of despair gets filled with just ONE drop of Jesus Blood!  Jesus' cleansing power is mighty then and now and forever! Our Jesus is Faithful and covers all sin!

STOP putting a dark veil over your shame and sin (bad habits, habitual habits that keep you from being Holy & Pleasing to the Lord...anything that is keeping you from having a Real and True Relationship with our Living God) You may think you are fooling yourself but GOD sees ALL! You hide nothing from him. All that happens is you disgrace Jesus' death by not letting his atonement pay for you debt!  How Dare Ye' take from the cup and eat from the this table .....the Lord is displeased when you claim to be clean yet you hide the real darkness. The Lord does convict and withhold the blessings upon those that won't simply say "Lord, I have sinned, Please forgive me" It's time to take inventory! It's time admit to the dirty lies you have convinced yourself as the truth. 

Is Your Life, Home, Church dirty? Are there lies, half truths and un dealt issues tearing apart the Power of Redemption?  You have no idea how much Jesus is mourning with you, the angels around are down on bended knee weeping and mourning over your darkness. Come Clean- Repent and Seek the Lord to Set your Paths Straight!

Don't Let Jesus Blood be a free pass to continue on shameful sin. "Sin Not" and try to live a sinless life. You do NOT need to be perfect but you need to try do the best can. Stand up and let him hold your hand and when he fall down, God's right there!  God wants fellowship and joy with you!

Remember the Lord will NEVER convict you of a repented sin! If you continue to feel guilt that is SATAN whispering you Lies! Your Sins were covered and forgiven at repentance!

I say this with Spirit of God amidst them all.  Your Spirit needs healing so you can move beyond the bondage (all Bondage!! Food, complacency, guilt etc)

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