About Ministry

I am a Christian Coach, Trainer & Athlete Looking to Glorify Jesus~ Amen! 
I am a born again Christian believing in the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. 
My Mission is to BLEND my deep passion for Jesus with my Deep Passion for Coaching! 
I am God's Vessel and there is NO greater Gift I can give toward God but to spread his Love & Word to both the Believers & Non Believers to help them grow in their Faith. I am a disciple to others out of my devotion to Christ and my love for others, whether the other people are believers or unbelievers always seeking to help others as Jesus would.

 I share this information here for free.  Any money raised is used to purchase material such as Gospel pamphlets, signs, tents, banners, travel costs, fitness materials to offer free fitness trainings to Christians.

This ministry needs support and prayers. Please take a moment to  "Like" the Facebook page and then share the Facebook page and this Website  with those that would enjoy it or need it.  I am nothing without YOU! I ask that you pray for me as I blend my two loves, that God will always guide me in this Great Adventure. Wisdom to understand scripture clearly. Pray for guidance on how I can use the Gospel to inspire others spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Declaration of Goals:
  • Blog Frequently- sharing specific Gospel that will aide a reader, follower to use God in their personal journey in Health & Fitness 
  • Create Motivational Visuals for my Athletes & Followers that would inspire them each day
  • Share the Gospel via Social Networking
  • Become Active in my Community and surrounding Area with Race and Health Events with my presence with signage, clothing and hand out materials that share in the Gospel and how it relates to what brought them there (Fitness, Fun, Strength, Courage, Endurance, Health, Weight Loss) 
  •  Network with Local churches and encourage movements from our Pastors to become a role model for their church with their personal Health & Fitness
  • Network with Local Churches and share the Gospel with those that are in need of radical changes to their personal health and Coach them to learning from Scripture and inspire them to put God in charge of this part of their life.
  • Grow a Loving Support Network with those that have the Same Mission

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